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Tindale Consultancy is a professional business support service provider established in 2008 where it worked exclusively under subcontracts offering solutions direct to our client's customers in the areas of Information Technology, Graphic Design, Web Development, Marketing and Business Planning.

Our clients would seek clients of their own and sub-contract us to offer our skill and services in helping bring working solutions to their clients' problems and business challenges. While not fully phasing out the sub-contracting offers we received from those entities, in 2010, Tindale Consultancy took all the market exposure and became a fully flashed consultancy offering diversified and custom services in the areas of Graphic Design, Marketing, Business Strategy, and Web Development.

And over the years, the organisation has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the fastest growing and considerable consultancy firms. At Tindale Consultancy, we are dedicated to delivering practical, reliable and problem-focused solutions aimed at yielding the functionality, effectiveness and efficiency of our client's businesses (and internal processes) and thereby helping them realize their business goals.

We understand the significance of Timeliness, Speed, Confidentiality, Robustness and Performance, and we do our best utilizing our staff skills set and competencies, as well as industry proven development technologies and tools; in assisting our clients with working results that will directly add a positive impact in their businesses.

Also, we recognize that effective management and meaningful organisation are key ingredients of every successful project. We pay special attention at every process leading to maturity level of the solutions we device to combat any of our client's challenges and problems.