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...Meaningful And Considerate Organisations Value Contributing Directly To The Socio-Economic Well-Being Of The Markets Or Societies They Serve. TINDALE Believes In Extending The Hand In Helping Where Most Needed.

In Mentoring

We run engaging Business Mentorship programmes established to help clients adopt practices that will help them focus on the results of the job(s) they do in their businesses, and in the process learning more about themselves.

To us, mentoring is a process and is usually a matter of years rather than days and weeks. We work hand in glove with our clients to explore the problems together and develop opportunities. We teach the clients how to handle challenges and eventualities that always seem to pop up, and give them a chance to apply their new skill-set in their businesses.

As business mentors, we often develop into more than friends with our clients. Friends which are willing to play the part of an sounding board, thereby challenging our clients to widen their view of both the world and their business. Above all, our mentorship programmes are exclusively focused on the individual's general approach to life, even beyond their business lives.

It remains an undeniable fact that the world is moving faster and getting more competitive, it is continually getting difficult to keep up with both the changes in business and in one's personal life. Having a mentor helps one to mantain balance between the attention one dedicates to issues sorrounding their business lives and personal lives.

The importance of having that person you can lean on; especially in business matters, is evident in today's business world. It is difficult to get a truly objective answer from yourself. As Business Mentors, we always provide valuable insight, helping the clients develop long-term and short term goals and strategies, as well as improve their business in areas that might easily be overlooked.

At TINDALE, we strife to build working mentorship relationships with our clients. Our breed of mentors is very knowledgeable concerning most possible eventualities that are sure to pop up in any business organisation based on their internal and industry trends, and in such occations, our direct role to the client is to instill confidance and stability when things get rocky.