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...TINDALE Has Evolved To Become One Of The Trusted Provider Of Functional Business Development Solutions, Along The Way Gaining Unprecedented Experience. The Very Experience, Underlined By The Sharp Thinking Minds We Have In The Organisation Have Earned The Entity Popularity In Helping Other Organisations Reach Their Goals.

They say there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about... and that is not being talked about. And true to those words of Oscar Wilde, there are those businesses that are known and never talked about, while others are not even known. Other organisations have very good products to sell, but have inappropriate communication strategies to communicate right messages about themselves and their solutions to the right market segments.

We boast seasoned PR and Media practitioners well acquainted with local media and key emerging PR and Media trends. Creative yet pragmatic, Tindale offers clients a 'safe pair of hands', totally focussed on achieving first class promotional editorial coverage for our clients as well as protecting clients from the myriad of potential communication landmines in today's fast moving media environment.

We can be trusted business partners in combining senior level personal service with original strategic thinking to deliver high quality, targeted Public and Media Relations. Our guiding principle is that media relations should produce specific and tangible results for the clients. We therefore, work tediously to understand our clients' goals and construct a detailed Media & Publicity Plan to achieve those goals. As a company we avoid public relations generalities and focus on results.

Results You Can Expect

Working with us is an effective way of helping your organisation or company add effective PR & Media campaigns to the overall Business/Strategic Plan. We maximise your company's or organisation's visibility through print and design, media placements, event promotions, and social media.