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In Graphic Design

Tindale Consultancy is an ideal parnter for professional graphic design services spanning both Corporate Marketing and Marketing Collateral. We boast a team of highly Skilled Designers utalising the latest design tools and illustration Software, our clients should remain confident of getting all their design job(s) perfectly done.

Our comprehensive packages are designed to accommodate all the business (and individuals) that are want to get the best quality even when operating within very tight budgets.

From logos, greeting cards, invitation cards, event programms, products/services brochures, presentation folders, banners, posters, billboards (large format designs) to car branding, point of sale and signage designs, TINDALE is the right place.

In Mobile Applications

The advent of mobile devices; smartphones, palmtops and tablets has brought along with itself necessity to develop applications that will assist in fully utilizing these 'tiny' devices beyond daily communication and social networking.

More and more organisations, each year, are begiging to deploy mobile applications to enhance their general productivity and automation of their business processes.

From fast and easy Mobile Applications, to comprehensive Enterprise Application Solutions, organisations and individuals can count on Tindale.

In Social Media

In today's Digital Divide, Social Media has turned itself into a remarkable force gradually shaping the online communication trends and social instincts, in the process setting-up highly effective advertising platforms.

We are enslaved in delivering highly-creative, brand-driven and results-focused social marketing solutions to corporate and individual clients. We help companies of all sizes to utilize and enstablish themselves in emerging technologies. This is done in congruence with their web businesses and marketing strategies.

In Web Development

Our intend is to remain abreast in offering highly appealing and functional Web Development solutions. Whether Developing Simple Static Websites, Catchy Content Management Sytems (CMS) or Secure e-Commerce Systems, Tindale has enough talent, skill and competencies.

Our Web Development Services also involve Domain Registration; for all major domain extentions (ie.,,,,,,

In today's largely populated World Wide Web, having an unoptimised website is almost equal to not having on. We also offer search engine optimization services. We ensure that websites are perfectly optimised to get highest page rankings in google, microsoft bing, yahoo, ask, and other leading search engines.