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...The "Symphony" of The Diverse Talents, The Level Of Innovation And The Unparalled Creativity We Have Within The Organisation Have Surely Placed The Entity As One Of The Best In Providing Graphic Design, Creative, and Web Development Services. Witness The Miracles Of Our Innovation!

The advent of mobile devices; smartphones, palmtops and tablets has brought along with itself necessity to develop applications that will assist in fully utilizing these 'tiny' devices beyond daily communication and social networking.

More and more organisations, each year, are begiging to deploy mobile applications to enhance their general productivity and automation of their business processes.

From fast and easy Mobile Applications, to comprehensive Enterprise Application Solutions, organisations and individuals can count on Tindale. Our Mobile Applications are classified into two main categories; Custom and Commercial.

Custom Mobile Applications are those which are developed specifically to address the client's unique business challanges or problems. The process of developing such is mainly informed by the problems the client wants to combat through the usage of the application. On the other hand, Commercial Mobile Applications are those which we produce to me utilized by the mass market and that is done based on the trends in the market and industry. They are often developed to operate in as many environments as possible and the main operating systems we strife to cover (in terms of compatibility) are;

  • iOS
Our Commercial Mobile Applications are distributed utalizing the native Mobile Application Stores such as BlackBerry App World, , OVI, and Apple App Store.