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...The "Symphony" of The Diverse Talents, The Level Of Innovation And The Unparalled Creativity We Have Within The Organisation Have Surely Placed The Entity As One Of The Best In Providing Graphic Design, Creative, and Web Development Services. Witness The Miracles Of Our Innovation!

Our intend is to remain abreast in offering highly appealing and functional Web Development solutions. Whether Developing Simple Static Websites, Catchy Content Management Sytems (CMS) or Secure e-Commerce Systems, Tindale has enough talent, skill and competencies.

At Tindale, we believe in the power of open source and fully rely on resources such as Fantascio, cPanel, MySQL, and myPHP Admin to develop functional web applications and websites. This gives us a good chance to develop websites whose functionality can be enhanced in future without any requirement for a complete re-design. on top of full websites, we also develop web applications such as Shopping Carts, File Sharing Systems, Internal Emailing Systems, as well as Guest Books.

Our Web Development Services also involve Domain Registration; for all major domain extentions (ie.,,,,,,

In today's largely populated World Wide Web, having an unoptimised website is almost equal to not having on. We also offer search engine optimization services. We ensure that websites are perfectly optimised to get highest page rankings in google, microsoft bing, yahoo, ask, and other leading search engines.

Other Web Development Services available at Tindale are;

  • Website Maintenance: Where we ensure a 24/7 full functionality of the website, thereby debugging any breakages and ensuring optimal security against malacious wares, intruders and viruses.
  • Web Hosting : We also offer various Linux Web Hosting server packages for both emails and websites
  • Internet Marketing : To ensure that the website attracts as many visitors as possible and coming up with strategies to turn those visits into leads and clients.